Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ok, ok - I know. I was supposed to run on Saturday. And when I didn't get up Saturday morning, I was supposed to run Sunday night.... I said to myself, "Self, you have two weekend days. It won't matter if you save it for Sunday." And besides, I had a Christmas Party to get ready for and blah, blah, blah......... The voice got me. That's all there is to it. The little voice WON! Damn that little voice.

So, I conquer the little voice and get up this morning only to realize I have bigger problems to deal with. Two of them as a matter of fact - my knees. They are killing me. I haven't run in four days, so one would think they'd be rested enough. Nope. I started my brisk walk this morning, ignoring the pain that my knees have been causing me all weekend. I was excited because the plan starts some REAL running today. I had no idea if I could hang. I was so ready. I started running..... OW. I stopped. I pushed the pain aside and started again..... Damn, this was NO joke! It hurt! I made it 10 minutes in a brisk walk around the neighborhood, and that's all I've got. When I started to come down the big hill in front of my house and almost fell, I knew I was in trouble. Blah. I came in and took some Ibuprofen.

I guess the plan is to take Ibuprofen and some Glucosamin/Chondroitin and try again on Thursday to see if that helps. If it doesn't, I'll be making an appointment with the doc to see if I have some fluid hanging out in there. Bummer.

There's nothing that pisses me off more than knowing that I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, got psyched up to run, and couldn't do it. I'm not a girl that takes that very easily. I'll figure it out....


  1. Sorry to hear about your knees. Hope there is nothing really wrong and you can keep up the program. I started mine this morning. Now I need to start a new blog, you have inspired me to be held accountable!

  2. yikes! I hope your knees turn out to be simply achy, not full of fluid....