Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Boogeymen dance in shadows carefully avoiding moonlit streaks of light, vampires and witches wait around the next dark corner laughing to see if I get close enough to touch.... No, not another book in the Twilight series folks, just my imagination reverting back to being 7 years old as I run through my neighborhood. It's amazing how your mind can get away from you as you run. I live in a beautiful, safe neighborhood. But even in my beautiful, safe neighborhood, boogeymen live in the shadows of the trees, and I high tail it past the dark corners like my ass is on fire. Maybe I'll bring the big dog out on Thursday morning and show the vampires and witches who's boss. Really, I bet Pate could lick them to death if I needed him to.

Week 2 begins. I bet you are oh-so surprised that I stuck with it! The routine changed up a bit as I begin running for longer stretches. It wasn't so bad. I thought it would be tough seeing as though I had a two day break, but I trucked on like a champ. I've decided I need new shoes. I've had the same running shoes for like two years....seriously. Maybe more. I think I got them before Harrison was born. Jeez. Three years? Four? I can't really remember, but I think it's definitely time. I owe my shins and ankles the favor. I buy them new shoes, and in return, they agree not to give out on me in the middle of my run. Pretty good deal, eh?

I'm off to the shower as to not offend my co-workers with the smell that is a runner's smell. Hopefully the rain that is expected tomorrow will taper off by Thursday morning so that little voice doesn't show up trying to get me to stay in bed. I will bring the PAIN to that little voice!!! Well, if it does rain, I guess I'll be doing laps in my basement. I haven't really thought of an inclement weather plan. I'll get on that.

Hasta la vista.

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  1. This is great Heather! But oh so true, too. Be careful.