Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wheezin' and Breezin'

With every pound on the pavement, the cool, fresh morning air burns my lungs.... but it's a good kind of burn. It's a burn that makes me wonder why the HELL I ever smoked. I couldn't imagine the feeling of suffocation that smokers must feel when they are doing anything at all physical. I quit almost 10 years ago after starting the nasty habit only to miff my parents. Thank goodness that my friend Fuller (who I credit for my quitting 100%) said to me back then, "You're a real cute girl, but smoking makes you UGLY." Vain as any 20 year old is, it hurt my feelings and compelled me to quit. He didn't believe I could quit, and I'm a stubborn Taurus, so quit I did. Thanks for that Fuller... I owe you my health and well-being!

Now, also being a stubborn Taurus, I am HELL BENT on this running thing. I swear, I try to find ANY reason to stay in bed when that alarm goes off. This morning, I trudged to the 2 story foyer to look out the picture window, hoping beyond all hope that it was still raining.....yeah, it wasn't. So I forced my big butt into my running clothes and off I went. The Black-Eyed Peas urged me on this morning, telling me, "Harder, better, faster, stronger...." and I was like, HELL YEAH, and then promptly tweaked ankle. No matter, I kept going, fashioning an oh-so attractive gimp run and singing out loud, "We got the beat that pounds, we got the beat that pounds...."

Week 2 Day 2 down. The hills in my neighborhood are really killing me, but I assume that will make me tougher for wear when it comes to running the Peachtree..... There it is, I said it. My goal is to run the Peachtree on July 4, 2010. And really RUN it, not the half walking, half running crap. Hold me to it folks.

Have a great day, and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

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